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X-Lite is one of the must know, common, and extended softphones to use over PC, Linux, and Mac computers. It offer only SIP service, and provide high quality service redundancy for PC phone dealers, and incoming calls only.

To Install the xLite softphone;

  1. We first need to download it, you may use the free version for a standard simple use, as the Bria, commercial version, have the simple difference on video call, as SipCel don’t support video calls, it’s not relevant, and the commercial paid version support G729 codec, if you’re over DSL internet connection, and not having internet limitation, you may just discard that use, so we recommend you just to go within the Free version.
  2. After installing the package, you will find yourself in the xLite main scree, like this:
  3. You need to click in Account settings, which you have just in the top middle of the screen and open the settings, to go ahead by configuring the application, as below…
  4. Into Account, we have to prepare our SIP credentials, you may find them under the SIP/IAX tab into your customer portal. PAY ATTENTION, this is not your web username, it require your SIP username, and secret. So, we you have to do:
    1. Account name: SipCel
    2. User ID. Your Sip username, NOT the web username.
    3. Domain, you may use whatver of the following server, the nearest to your location:
      1. If you’re in europe, and closer areas, use:
      2. If you’re in the rest of the Glob, use:
    4. Pasword, your SIP secret, which you will find, as the sip username, under the tap SIP/IAX into your customer portal.
    5. Display name. This is something up to you, you may just display your name, or your business, as you like.
    6. Authorization name. it’s the same as the username, in point 2. All need to be as below:
  5. Voicemail. SipCel voicemail service is just an e-mail service, so you don’t need to enable nothing there, let it just disabled.
  6. In technology, you don’t need to play nothing with.
  7. Into Transport. you may insure that you’re using the UDP transport mode. If you like to turn to TCP, please consider to read this.
  8. Advanced. If you don’t expect to receive calls for the network, don’t do nothing here. But if you expect to receive calls, consider the following:
    1. Enable the session timer.
    2. Turn the session timer refresher to: uas
    3. Default session timer: 300
    4. ensure that Sip keep alive is active.
  9. Save your credentials, and you will find the account registering banned by you firewall, you need to accept it, and allow the firewall to register.
  10. We don’t know this service offer, and consider the security importance to don’t give your account credentials to another entity, so we just recommend you to close that window, and disallow it.
  11. Testing, consider to test the service by calling to 123 and verify the service quality, and your microphone configurations.

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