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Voip Wholesale

As Worldwide Telecom interconnected into more then 700 carriers around all over the word, our business is focused basically in offer wholesale voip termination for Retailist, Resellers, Call-centers, Coffee-shops, and also we’re handling traffic terminations for large Tier 1 Telecom Carriers.

Be aware that we deal EXCLUSIVELY into Direct, white terminations. If you’re seeking for Grey traffic, you may look elsewhere, as we don’t work into Grey traffic.

Direct interconnection is the must cost effective business, where we may offer best quality, and with effective rate reducing to the maximum issues, failing, complains, and human support which may increase considerably the costs when using Grey terminations. For that reason, we deal into constant availability, high redundancy, and wide-band capacity to forward your traffic directly to end point within minim Post Dial Delay (PDD) under 2 second, and guaranty high Answer Size Ratio (ASR) where our live ASR since 11/09/2018 is 98.72%.; where we endiovor our efforts to interconnect with more then provider to guaranty maximum constancy of the service v. minimum failure, and high availability; thanks at all that our DataCenters are up-linked within 2Gbps bandwidths, as part of the Elegant Business group, the large outsourcing carrier, and hosting provider. We may also offer you hosted and fully managed service, please contact us.

If you’re Large commented carrier, handling over 50K daily traffic, please contact us, we may offer you more competitive interconnectivity.

So, if you’re seeking to such as service quality, only a large and committed business deal like us, may offer you that consistency. You’re welcome to review and download our live rates for Retail& Resellers Business below:

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