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The commonly known Virtual SwitchBox, or virtual PBX, in SipCel it’s coming mostly included for FREE in box as a Standard Service in SipCel.

So, here we offer you the must known carachteristc and options of the service, that you can take them one by own, at your own, and according to your use and need.

  1. Extensions for internal calls. In SipCel you may have short extensions numbers for internal calls, what you may have them on demand, or random numbers within 5 digits, who allow you to place internal calls for FREE without any restriction. This feature in SipCel we call it as TeleBuntu, which not offer only the internal calls possibility, it’s also allowing you to receive calls from the public network for FREE, and are not subject to any monthly charge, nor any call restrictions, it’s just cost 1.3$ one time setup cost, and for FREE for ever!!!
  2. Voicemail service. In SipCel, if you would like to have a voice mail service, we offer you that possibility to pic up your missed calls, busy calls, or out of the network, and deliver you that messages as .wav recorded files to your email.
  3. IVR. the Interactive voice response, as a welcome message, it’s also a possibility to have with SipCel, where we may offer you this service under quota for 1.3$ per month, to welcome your calls, and handle you them under customize music, or welcome message. You may discuss this functionality with your Key Account Manager.
  4. Call Transfer& Forwarding. The call forwarding are included in Box in SipCel, you may just need to configure it under the DID tab from the customer portal, for FREE on-net, and within a standard rate for the off-net. The call transfer is available to setup from your end point softphone, or ATA device without restrictions.
  5. SIP trunking. The today, commercially known as Sip Trunking service, it’s already included, for FREE in the basic package service, kindly review it’s characteristics here.

We just do it Simply, and can’t be more simple then simple

<<Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler>> Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

In SipCel simplicity is our Spirit, and Serving your Business is the Spirit of our Business!!

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