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US& Canada Flat Rate Bonus


In SipCel, and upon our customers requests, and the market requirements, we just lanced our first Flat Rate Bonus for the US& Canada Telecommunications.

Monthly brute Flat Rate: 19.9 USD


  1. A flat rate Bonus for all over US& Canadian Continental destinations without discrimination fix and mobiles phones, without any limitation, or any further limit, over 60.000 monthly seconds.
  2. A Free monthly quota for a US& Canadian metropolitan DID number.
  3. Excluded from the bonus, the National dealing numbers (800,888), the information service, and any similar additional cost destinations.
  4. Without any specific limitations, unless the standard limit per call over 60 minutes per call, where the customer may end the call, and re-call again, until the bonus expiration.
  5. Billing Calendar, where the bonus going to be billed from day to anniversary, not related to national calendar.
  6. Applicable for all customers segments, and purposes, no mater into residential customers, and business customers, uses and purposes, excluding resellers, retail, call-shops, call-centers, and transit traffic. Where the bonus must be used into one single channel, and user, cannot be shared into several users, lines, or channels into the same account.
  7. No use, neither any purposes restrictions.
  8. Once the bonus are expired, customer will be billed according to the standard applicable rate.


  1. Customer may raise a ticket requiting to activate the bonus, and assuming have sufficient credit balance for the immediate billing.
  2. Activation period are into 24 hours from customer request.
  3. Early cancellation, or recession. NOT permitted.
  4. Implicit renewal within every anniversary. Customer account may go into negative balance, until balance restitution.
  5. Cancellation. Customer may cancel the bonus by raising a ticket within 48 hours in advance of the bonus monthly anniversary.

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