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Telebuntu, it’s mean, Wold Wide Telecommunications for the Humanity.

SipCel offer you with this service to have a World Wide Unique DID, where you can get access around the world, for FREE.

With this service, you just need to have a SipCel Standard Account, and then raise a ticket asking to get activate your TeleBuntu DID number, where your auto-generated account ID, will be converted into a DID number paying only 2.8$ as setup fess one time for all over the life, and then you can give it to all over your related to call you for it.

EveryOne who need to call you, he just need to deal any of the following numbers, and then introduce your TeleBuntu DID number as the destination number, and he will be redirected automatically to you.

In TeleBuntu we share, sharing all become cheaper, and more justly accessible…

TeleBuntu Access Numbers

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