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Phone Access

With our phone access service you can access to our network from wherever you’re even without having Internet connection, to interact with all over our network around the world.

Interacting with our network via the phone access number you may:

  1. Place Calls, to all over the world, by using your account balance. Where you will be prompt to authenticate, by introducing your CAARD ID number, or you may setup an auto-authentication from the Add CallerID section from the Customer Portal.
  2. Place FREE calls to SipCel customers, around the world, infinitely FREE of any charge by dialing the prefix 869 followed by the SipCel Aliace ID. For example, if your friend Aliase is: 463769876578090, you may call him by dialing: 869 463769876578090 followed by #.
  3. Check your Voicemail by dialing *092, and follow the instructions.
  4. Check your interoperability with our network, by verifying the echo by dialing 123.

Our actual access numbers are the following:

Spain – Toledo: 925018492

Spain – Costa del Sol: 951001624

Spain – Madrid: 918221643

Spain – Barcelona: 937010623

Peru- Lima: 016409003