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SipCel Telecom, as a trade mark promoted by the Elegant Business Corporation, a committed business with the fair commerce, the social responsibility, charities, and ethical values articulate our cooperative offer with Social, voluntary, and non lucrative organizations with telecommunications service on cost of transit and interconnection.

This cooperation offer include:

  1. Termination service into the Public Telecommunications Network at transit cost in favor of the beneficence and the social cooperation;
  2. Access service from the public network of Telecommunication, which include portabilities, and new telephony numbering from the public network around all over the world, where SipCel have presence at interconnection cost.
  3. Access and termination offer over mobiles for all over there members, voluntaries, missioners in homeland or abroad there home countries.

This offer are addressed to the following collectivities:

  1. Non profit organizations focused on the social integration, lute against social exclusion, inequalities, lute against the poorness, discriminations, humanitarian actions and all relative objects.
  2. Religious and confessional organizations, and the congregations legally created, recognized and instituted upon the national authorities as religious institutions.
  3. All over non profit organization instituted legally and declared as Organization for public utility.

The present offer, include interconnections at zero cost into institutional buildings around the world, interconnections into there member in landlines, and over mobiles around the world, including missioners, voluntaries, and all over co-operants in official service for that declared and refereed object, include there communications to there familiars and relatives meanwhile they are in service for there declared missions.

Please contact us for personal review for your case, and to get articulate our cooperation offer with our organization.