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Release Note. February 2014

We’re proud to communicate you the implementation of new Updates& Upgrades in our network to perform better QoS. This updates, may be resumed with the following:

  1. Nat service availability, all over customers are suported if they face NAT in there devices;
  2. Service improvement for mobile devices under 3G network with more buttery efficiency in smartphones, with session Push Service, we’re going to handle a Session push service over mobile devices, within this service, handsets are going to save around 600-700% from there butter draining.
  3. Own APP for SipCel available for Android OS, in the Google Store.
  4. New updates into our Apps, kindly review our new Apps updates, for Android, and Iphone Smartphones.
  5. Network technical Updates:
    1. NO qualify in the SIP registration is required from all users;
    2. rtptimeout increase to avoid calls missing;

In SipCel, everyday we perform, and advance ahead, thanks to you, we are every day BIGGER!

Network Update

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