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SipCel as a Standard Carrier Telecommunication Business interconnected into the Spanish Metropolitan Network, LMN, offer several DID capacities On Demand.

As a standard DID, by default all over our DID include dual traffic channels, which mean, that user may receive a Call, and meanwhile have the first received call alive, can receive a second call to ring in waiting, or similar supported function in his ATA, or Softphone.

Additionally, for that customers who may require critical mission, to receive multiple calls simultaneously, we may add whatever channels you may need, according to your Business need, up to 600 channels per DID, to allow you to keep just One Single DID number, and have as much as 600 calls simultaneously into your single DID.

For further requirements, please contact us, or expose your need to your Key Account Manager to personalize you a solution according to your business need.

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