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Linksys PAP2


Linksys Pap2 Phone adapter, is one of the must known and extensive phone adapters provided by Cisco Technology, fully compatible and recommended to use with SipCel services for Home& Small Business purposes providing double phone line service.

If you have purchased your device from SipCel directly, you may receive it fully configured, but it’s also good to know how to go ahead changing, or personalizing it… otherwise, you have bellow the full tutorial how to configure and use your device with SipCel.

First of all, you may find the Linksys official website, information, tutorials, user manual, and framware download from the manufacturer, here.

Second, insure, that you have the last up to date framware installed in your device, as we’re going to describe below.

So, let’s go.

  1. Getting access to your Linksys device. We need, first to connect the device to the electricity, and then the Ethernet port to the internet router, and get the line 1 to our standard phone device.
  2. After the devices plug in in the power supply, the ethernet, and the phone device, from the phone try to call Dialing **** to access the IVR Menu, then enter 110#.
  3. After calling that secuence, the device will start to read us some IP secuence, we need to note this secuence, similar to:, for exemple, this will be the device address to login to the admin panel.
  4. So, at this instance, having connected our PC to the same router, we need to place this address in the internet browser, and go to the dashboard panel, as below.
  5. Turn to advance view. The admin panel is not enough to manage and configure the device, so we need to access to the admin panel, within advance features. So we can do that rather by clicking in the admin botom at the top right& the switching to the advance view, or just re-write the url in the browser, which is showing us this dashboard, by making it as:
  6. Confirm the Frimware version. At this instance, and before going into customizing our configuration, we need to confirm if our device current framware is or not up to date, to do this, we need to go to the system tab, at and review if the current framware are the same as the last release announced by the manufacturer, and follow the manufacturer instructions to update the framware.
  7. Setup first SIP Line. Here we’re going to setup the first SIP line which we got active from SipCel by default. So just click into the Line 1 tab, and we will find ourselves as the following image:
  8. To get the required details, kindly login into the customer portal and go under the SIP& Iax2 tab, to see the required details, and then introduce them as you would find them there, according to the image.
  9. PAY ATTENTION TO –> If you expect to receive calls in your phone, or if you have a DID number, you may turn the options: Answer calls without reg. to YES. Also, if your internet connection is not a DSL wideband quality, or you’re over 3G network, it’s recommended to turn the option: Preferred Codec to: G729a, and the following option: Use Preferred Codec Only to YES.
  10. FAX Service. If you’re going to use your device to get FAXes service, or connect it to a fax device, kindly be aware that SipCel service are available to handle fax service by default, just you need to turn the option: FAX Ced Detect enable to YES.
  11. Save your configuration, and wait the device to restart itself alone.
  12. After the device restarting, you need to see the line 1 as logged in correctly as below:
  13. If you find an error in the login, kindly review your configuration accordingly, insure that you have used the Line ID, and the Auth. ID, as the provided SipCel username, and that you have enabled the Line, in the first option of the panel, if you still having the issue contact our support team to assist you.
  14. Regional Configuration. Here we need to fix the regional configuration, which may affect to the our local time, so we need to customize the device to our local time accordingly, and review the “Caller ID method” option, and set it to: “ETSI FSK With PR(UK)” >> This will affect your Caller ID reception, if you receive the calls anonymously, and no caller ID are showing in your phone device, you may need to customize this option!!.

There is no more significant features to configure in the device, insure to save your configuration after all that customization, and let the device to restart itself. After restarting it’s recommended to call to 123 to verify your connectivity, and your latency to us. Kindly be aware to do this before raising any support ticket to our team, or claiming the service quality, insure your latency and connectivity by doing this eco test.

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