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HTC One Sip Client


We have tested the HTC Smartphone devices, exactly the HTC One X, and our conclusion is absolutely NEGATIVE.

Customers welling to use this module are going into there own behalf, and we’re not guarantying neither supporting the use of this device.

The reasons of this negative conclusion are the following.

  1. HTC One X device, are delivered with Android Ice Cream Sandwich v. 4.0, just after turning on the device, we had to upgrade it to v4.1, where we found it having own SIP service client. But the in-box Sip service application are running under G711& Speex codec, which is nothing optimal to use over 3G, and not allowing to add another commercial codec, where we detect this device closed sources, not honestly accordingly as an open sources Android OS.
  2. The poor sip client aren’t the main issue in the device, which is substitutable by any other app, so we went installing the must known and recommended app, Media5Fone. After configuring this app, we detect a lagged behavior in the device rtp retransmission each 3000ms, where the session is being expired, but not refreshed up to our network. Meanwhile the Kernel asleep, is not restarting again to refresh and handle the incoming calls. Otherwise this behavior aren’t only for the incoming, when trying to re-login manually, the device is not able to re-login again, unless stopping absolutely the application, and restarting it… then it’s lagged again…. it’s crashing into the cron boot.
  3. Even, when the device is in standby, and it’s lagging, we found this device, over heating, which is not a normal behavior in compression with similar kernels running the same operative system and applications, i.e Samsung Galaxy Series.
  4. Buttery draining. The device in standby status, unused, and even, lagged from our network, drain 50% from the buttery into couple of hours. Seem to be similar situation to much lower target devices from Samsung Galaxy Y, and similar, which is not expected from such as hug buttery capacity 1800.

For this reason, our testing is absolutely negative for this module of HTC One X, and as it’s the highest of the HTC one, we may not going down to re-test other lower modules. But for the moment we’re not aware to guarantee the efficiency of our service, not the efficiency of this module, unless future patch to fix this bugs from the manufacturer.

Kindly be aware of this recommendations, before raising a support ticket to our Support Team.

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