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Spanish DIDs


Spanish DIDs

Landlines and DIDs Cost into Spanish Market

Operadores Cuota mensual Alta
Telefonica 19,90 € 83,53 €
Jazztel 14,95 € 50,00 €
Ono 15,95 € 25,90 €
Orange 20,95 € 34,95 €
Adiptel 6,00 € 90,00 €
TerraSip 5,50 € 4,40 €
Netelip 4,95 € 0,00 €
SipCel (All over Spain Including national dealing 902)

*SipCel Telecom offer the Spanish DID numer for FREE attached to any of our Flat Rate Calls bonus as Europe Landlines, Europe Unlimited (Landlines& Mobiles), North Amercia Unlimited, South America Landlines, South Eastern Asia, or World Wide bonus. In case of customer don’t have any active bonus, a management fees would be charged for the DID within 3,8$/Mo.

Also, if you prefer to save your current landline number, or existing DID, you may port your number to SipCel, FREE of any charge nor any commitment, kindly follow the portability process.


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