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Actually SipCel accept portabilities around the world from the following Countries, and conditions:

Country Porting Cost Porting possible Time
Australia 60 USD not definite
Belgium 30 USD not definite
Canada 25 USD 2-3 weeks
Denmark 25 USD 5 weeks
Finland not definite not definite
France not definite not definite
Israel 25 USD
Latvia not definite 5-10 working days
Norway not definite not definite
Netherlands 25 USD 2-3 weeks
New Zealand 30 USD not definite
Spain FREE 7 Business Days
South Africa 25 USD 1-2 weeks
Switzerland 35 USD 10 – 15 working days
Sweden 40 USD 10-15 working days
United Kingdom 25 USD 2 weeks
United States 25 USD 2-3 weeks

If you’re interesting in our porting service, please contact us to process your portability.


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