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Using SipCel, you will never lose your Business Website visitors away. You may setup a Click to Call service, who allow a live, and online customer care, and work-flow for your business visitor.

This service consist in installing a php script in your website, to allow your customers, to lance a web call request, introduce there phone numbers where want to be called, and connect your end point with the customer.


The service itself is FREE of charge, you will be billed ONLy for the handled calls, from your end-point to your end customer, as your Standard applicable rate, NOTHING more.

How to setup the service.

  1. Download the code from here, and customize it for your fund, and accordingly for your website lock& Feel.
  2. Submit a technical ticket from your customer panel, and request to get assigned an additional SIP account, and assigned that account to your website IP address, don’t forget to refer to your web IP address.
  3. Wait, the confirmation from our team, and test, and enjoy!

We just do it Simply, and can’t be more simple then simple

<<Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler>> Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

In SipCel simplicity is our Spirit, and Serving your Business is the Spirit of our Business!!

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