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Remunerated DIDs

If you require a DID for your business& Enterprise use, and you may have a huge amount of incoming calls per month into your DID, SipCel may offer you a remuneration for your incoming traffic, depend on your traffic volume, origins, and the DID number which you may subscribe, or port us. Eventually, this service …


Multi Channel DID

SipCel as a Standard Carrier Telecommunication Business interconnected into the Spanish Metropolitan Network, LMN, offer several DID capacities On Demand. As a standard DID, by default all over our DID include dual traffic channels, which mean, that user may receive a Call, and meanwhile have the first received call alive, can receive a second call …



Telebuntu, it’s mean, Wold Wide Telecommunications for the Humanity. SipCel offer you with this service to have a World Wide Unique DID, where you can get access around the world, for FREE. With this service, you just need to have a SipCel Standard Account, and then raise a ticket asking to get activate your TeleBuntu …


Spanish DIDs

Spanish DIDs Landlines and DIDs Cost into Spanish Market Operadores Cuota mensual Alta Telefonica 19,90 € 83,53 € Jazztel 14,95 € 50,00 € Ono 15,95 € 25,90 € Orange 20,95 € 34,95 € Adiptel 6,00 € 90,00 € TerraSip 5,50 € 4,40 € Netelip 4,95 € 0,00 € SipCel (All over Spain Including national dealing …


Portability Application

If you have a traditional landline, or Virtual Number, DID, and you would like to port it to us, kindly download this form, complete it, and feel up the following form to process your portability:


Cost& Availabilities

DID Cost, Coverage& Availabilities Actually SipCel accept portabilities around the world from the following Countries, and conditions: Country Porting Cost Porting possible Time Australia 60 USD not definite Belgium 30 USD not definite Canada 25 USD 2-3 weeks Denmark 25 USD 5 weeks Finland not definite not definite France not definite not definite Israel 25 …

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