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US& Canada Flat Rate Bonus

In SipCel, and upon our customers requests, and the market requirements, we just lanced our first Flat Rate Bonus for the US& Canada Telecommunications. Monthly brute Flat Rate: 19.9 USD Specifications: A flat rate Bonus for all over US& Canadian Continental destinations without discrimination fix and mobiles phones, without any limitation, or any further limit, …


Network Update

Release Note. February 2014 We’re proud to communicate you the implementation of new Updates& Upgrades in our network to perform better QoS. This updates, may be resumed with the following: Nat service availability, all over customers are suported if they face NAT in there devices; Service improvement for mobile devices under 3G network with more …


HTC One Sip Client

We have tested the HTC Smartphone devices, exactly the HTC One X, and our conclusion is absolutely NEGATIVE. Customers welling to use this module are going into there own behalf, and we’re not guarantying neither supporting the use of this device. The reasons of this negative conclusion are the following. HTC One X device, are …


Remunerated DIDs

If you require a DID for your business& Enterprise use, and you may have a huge amount of incoming calls per month into your DID, SipCel may offer you a remuneration for your incoming traffic, depend on your traffic volume, origins, and the DID number which you may subscribe, or port us. Eventually, this service …


Multi Channel DID

SipCel as a Standard Carrier Telecommunication Business interconnected into the Spanish Metropolitan Network, LMN, offer several DID capacities On Demand. As a standard DID, by default all over our DID include dual traffic channels, which mean, that user may receive a Call, and meanwhile have the first received call alive, can receive a second call …



Asterisk Files Configuration Guide ©© If you are looking to install an Asterisk PBX server, follow our tutorial here, and then come back here to configure it with SipCel. Here we’re going to configure an Asterisk Server running in server without any Gui module, so we need to edit sip.conf and extensions.conf files. So login …