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In SipCel we try to make our customers life easier, rather with the Customer Selfservice portal, and offering now the Open Application Programming Interface (API) Service.

With this API service you can get implement simple code, wherever in your own applications to get your current live balance, see your last call billed cost, or easily retrieve the live applicable rates.

Api functions are the following:

Get Current Live Balance:

Replace please your credentials, in this line, and run it in your system to get, show, and retrieve your live balance.

Get Last Call Billing Cost:

Here we off you 3 values. The last call, just made, it’s full cost, and the full billed duration per second.

This is the query:

Get Rates.

With this function, you can get and display your full applicable rates, in live, rather fully, or by selecting a specific destination by country code.

To get the full rates, do:

  • here you have a search function to get the specific country code, or destination code, for exemple, here, doing: search=34, to get only the spanish rates… or 33, for France country code…etc.
  • To get all over the rates, just remove the search function.

We just do it Simply, and can’t be more simple then simple

<<Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler>> Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

In SipCel simplicity is our Spirit, and Serving your Business is the Spirit of our Business!!

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