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Landlines& Mobiles 1¢

  • NO Call Setup to all over the world!
  • Billing per SECOND from FIRST SECOND!
  • SIMULTANEOUS outblund calls Unlimited ad-hoc
  • DID mantenenance Quouta from 0.75 ¢/Mo.
  • Single billing mode, no hidden costs!
  • SIP Trunk & unlimited FREE SIP accounts
  • Telecommunications Package Bonus, ALL included

Multiple Phone Number& Single Phone Line

Forget about having several phone devices, or several mobile device, or even multiple SIP accounts. Within single sign-up for a FREE account, you get a SIP& IAX channels to connect your IP phoneATA Adapter, or SipPhone device, and add whatever phone numbers to that single account. All over your phones, from wherever the Sun is, they will run in the same device, in your pocket.

We bring you the Sun to your pocket

Virtual Phone Number

Forget about Rowaming high cost service, keep the world in your pocket in single mobile device. We offer you:

Hosted PBX Switchboard

  • Thanks to our Hosting service provided by Softbrocker, our technological brother; all over your Telecom switchboard become hosted in the cloud, with the best availability, acceptability, and interconnectivity for your business;
  • Switchboard cost effective, and management efficiency;
  • Hosted Service for resellers, and retailist business;
  • Virtual Private Circuit for Small Business to avoid setup own virtual switch

From 1¢/ minute Talk around 75 Countries

  • Amazing rates From South-East Asia, to Argentina, and from Canada to South Africa;
  • Sign-up for a FREE account, and Pay As You Want to Go, no commitment;
  • FREE iDIDs from several geographical areas;
  • Fax, video call, 3G availability and performed access;
  • Exclusively Direct Terminations with CLI;

US& Canada Flat Rate Bonus

In SipCel, and upon our customers requests, and the market requirements, we just lanced our first Flat Rate Bonus for the US& Canada Telecommunications. Monthly brute Flat Rate: 19.9...

Network Update

Release Note. February 2014 We’re proud to communicate you the implementation of new Updates& Upgrades in our network to perform better QoS. This updates, may be resumed with the...

HTC One Sip Client

We have tested the HTC Smartphone devices, exactly the HTC One X, and our conclusion is absolutely NEGATIVE. Customers welling to use this module are going into there own...